Chongqing and Europe to build food transportation channel

Singapore’s Cohesive and Crawfresh from Luxemburg, Europe announced on April 13, 2012 that they will establish a high-tech safe food transportation channel between Chongqing and Europe.

While Cohesive established in Chongqing a branch of supply chain in early 2011, Crawfresh is dedicated to food safety and hi-tech food transportation and exports over 10,000 tons of Chinese crawfishes to Europe annually during these years to help Chinese companies be in line with the international standards.

The transportation channel will be used to import fresh food like seafood from Europe to Chongqing and its peripheral areas as well as export fresh local food to Luxemburg, from which these food are redistributed to other European countries.

A laboratory will be set up for the channel in Chongqing to conduct strict inspection on export food by dint of Crawfresh using its technology.

Qu Xinyan

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