China allows Mexico to export pork to Chinese market

Five years after the initiation of negotiations, China yesterday delivered a list of five Mexican companies which are allowed to export pork to Chinese market, said yesterday the Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa.

“We have formally received from the Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi the document certifying the companies that can export pork to China,” Espinosa said at the end of the fifth meeting of the China-Mexico Permanent Binational Commission held in Beijing.

The Foreign Minister, who led the delegation of 40 people from 10 Mexican institutions visited China, was optimistic when asked about when those five companies may export to China.

However, Mexican diplomatic sources pointed out that despite the adoption, “the Chinese authorities require two certificates” so that the arrival of Mexican pork will take “at least three to six months.”

The Mexican pork producers have over 30 years of experience in markets such as Japan, South Korea and the US.

Espinosa also said that the Mexican delegation, which involved officials of the ministries of foreign affairs and economics, also called for greater speed in the adoption of phytosanitary certificates by China.

The Minister said that Mexico is seeking to export to China “products such as lemon, meat and poultry, mango and avocado from other parts of the country.”

Espinosa was received by Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, who was considered the future head of the Chinese state after the transition of power in October this year.

The Mexican foreign minister said that the meeting was extremely cordial.

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