Damascus calls the UN to stop terrorist attacks against Syria

Syria sent a message to UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General on Friday, urging the organization to take necessary measures to prevent terrorist attacks directed against Syria. As reported by the Syrian News Agency, in the letters Damascus senior officials briefed the UN in detail with the facts of escalation attacks by armed groups in the country after the Syrian government accepted the proposal of the Special Representative of the UN and Arab League to resolve the Syrian crisis, pointing out the results of the investigation that several explosions were associated with the organization “Al Qaeda”.

The messages emphasized that the recent “Friends of Syria” conference in Turkey led to increased bloodshed among the Syrians, because the conference announced supplying Syria’s armed groups with funds and weapons. They also indicated that some countries expressed their willingness to verbally make an effort to promote the successful implementation of the Annan mission, and actually engaged in activities contrary to the plan of Kofi Annan on restoring security and stability in Syria.

The messages indicated that Syria has already provided documents to the relevant UN bodies on attacks by armed groups which led to the deaths of 2088 soldiers and 478 police officers of the country.

Syria urged the international community, particularly the UN Security Council to take necessary measures to “combat the financing of any acts of terrorism and the use of territories of other countries to carry out anti-Syrian actions” and warned that the actions of those countries that have announced support to “terrorists” will have a catastrophic impact on the region and the world.

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