Leading chinese and western publishers collaborate for the first time

UK publishers I.B.Tauris announce pioneering collaborative projects with major Chinese publishing group

A unique publishing collaboration is being launched at the 2012 London Book Fair, between I.B.Tauris Publishers and the major Chinese publishing group, Changjiang Media.

I.B.Tauris and Changjiang Media have together agreed to produce publications which illustrate and illuminate the social, economic and cultural worlds of China today, with translated projects from China that will appeal to an international readership.

The agreement, which ties in with China being the Market Focus at this year’s fair, will include a signing of contracts for the first I.B.Tauris-Changjiang Media collaborative project – a new book entitled The Art of the Warrior. Mr Yu Shulin, who directs China’s ‘going abroad’ initative, will be present along with representatives from Changjiang Media. Martial artists from China will perform at the event to mark this agreement.

Iradj Bagherzade, Chairman of I.B.Tauris, said of the launch: “We think this is an important step because for the first time the academic and professional worlds of China can communicate effectively with the West. We read so much about China, but rarely from the Chinese.”

I.B.Tauris has also struck a series of historic agreements with two other major Chinese presses. The I.B.Tauris China publications programme will cover a wide range of serious non-fiction – general and illustrated, academic, professional and reference works – and will provide a candid and revealing look at the new China through Chinese eyes.

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