China export key technology of high-speed rail overseas for the firs time

China CNR Corporation won the supporting contract of traction and network control systems in Bangladesh DMU project. This is the first time that China export its own traction and network control systems, which contain key technologies of the bullet train. The signing of the contract also means after a long process of introduction, digestion, absorption, and independent innovation, China has mastered the core technology, and started to compete with international counterparts.

The project contains 20 sets of the network system, 40 sets of traction inverters and 40 sets of auxiliary inverters.

traction and network control system determines the performance and quality of the vehicle. Traction systems indicates the load capacity of the train and stability of the operation, network control systems command, control the movement of the train.

China CNR Dalian R & D center won the orders, the center is the core institution of China’s R & D of traction and network control systems.

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