Chongqing and Taiwan sign contract of 544 mln dollars

Zhang Xuan, Deputy Secretary of Chongqing Municipal CPCC, and several female entrepreneurs paid a 7-day economic visit to Taiwan from March 21 to 27 upon Taiwan’s invitation.

The entrepreneurs of Chongqing and Taiwan entered 9 cooperative agreements about investment in Taiwan at agriculture, medication and cosmetics with a total amount of 544 million US dollars.

Furthermore, several host groups and Taiwan cosmetics industrial association showed their intention of investment in Chongqing.

Local politicians and business circles gave a warm reception to Zhang Xuan and his group during the visit. And they were quite optimistic about the current and future development of Chongqing and expressed urgent expectation for comprehensive exchange and cooperation between Chongqing and Taiwan.

Chinese Central Government will keep the highlights, concerns and supporting strength on Chongqing which will maintain the good momentum of economic and social development as well as its reform & opening-up.

Chongqing will not change the relevant preferential policies of opening-up, according to Zhang.

Zhang Wenjing

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