Chongqing to boost high-tech enterprises

Chongqing will start the Growth Plan for Enterprises in 2012, for accelerating the cultivation of high-tech enterprises.

It is reported that Chongqing has achieved significant success in the cultivation of high-tech enterprises in recent years. The number of Chongqing’s high-tech enterprises added up to 951 in 2011 with1,832 high-tech products. The gross industrial output of all the high-tech enterprises in Chongqing reached 198.72 billion yuan.

Nevertheless, there are shortages in the development of these enterprises. And Chongqing will start the Growth Plan for Enterprises to build a set of complete cultivation system for the enterprises.

The quantity of Chongqing high-tech enterprises is expected to approach 1,300 at the end of 2012. And Chongqing will put efforts on cultivating a batch of high-tech enterprises meeting the requirements for the strategic development of new industries and possessing core technologies & independent intellectual property rights with international competitiveness.

Deng Jun

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