China fights against corruption

China is obsessed with the fight against corruption, from now buying expensive alcohol and cigarettes for official receptions are prohibited. Earlier this month the government excluded foreign cars from public procurement, local officials will have to purchase the products of the Chinese autocompanies and not more than $ 28.5 thousand for official use, and here comes this new initiative.

Corruption is the most serious threat facing the ruling party. If it does not understand properly, this problem can change the power structure or destroy the regime, said Premier Wen Jiabao.

The market immediately reacted to the statement by prime minister, stocks of premium vodka “Maotai” collapsed.

Meanwhile, the Chinese simply copy the measures that have long been used in the United States. In particular, in the U.S., it is almost impossible to buy anything unplanned using the government budget that has been set.

The U.S. did not adopt the death penalty for corruption. But in China things are different, if someone steal more than $ 1 million, he or she would be shot, since 2000, about 9000 people ended their lives in this way. But the death penalty does not help for the solution. There has to be more civilized, and also more effective ways to end corruption.

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