China to influence the international summit on nuclear security

Barack Obama met with Hu Jintao in an attempt to persuade China, the only major ally of Pyongyang, to pressure North Korea.

Chinese President Hu Jintao traveled to Seoul for the Summit of Heads of State on international security, accompanied by a large delegation. China is a big player in the nuclear future. It has 28 civilian reactors under construction. On the diplomatic front, it is also the main ally of North Korea. Barack Obama Sunday asked Beijing to put pressure on Pyongyang, which is considered a major culprit in the proliferation of nuclear weapons, while Beijing tried every attempt to divert the attention.

“North Korea and Iran are not on the agenda for discussion” said the Chinese diplomacy in recent days.

The nuclear industry relies on China for its survival in the coming years, Chinese authorities have so far maintained their commitments with half of the global civilian reactors under construction on Chinese soil. Security has become one of the most important issues for Beijing. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, more than 2,000 losses, thefts and illegal activities of radioactive materials were reported by its members since 1993.

Tomorrow In his speech President Hu Jintao will talk about nuclear safety, saying as little as possible on North Korea.

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