Direct supply of South African wines to Chongqing expected

The economy and trade delegation from South African Cooperative made an investigation in Chongqing recently, during which they concluded a cooperation agreement with Chongqing Agricultural Products Group Co., Ltd.

The direct collaboration between the cooperatives of both countries will enable the two parties to cut down the trade costs and people in two countries to enjoy the farm products with better quality as well as cheaper price.

Director of the Cooperative of the Ministry of Trade and Industry said that he was hoping that the collaboration between the African and Chinese cooperatives would play its role to realize the trade of South African wines. Besides, South African would like to introduce its rich marine food to China in this way.

It is introduced by Liang Congyou, Director of the Supply and Marketing Cooperative of Chongqing that while the importation of South African farm products such as wine and marine food, characteristic farm products in Chongqing could also enter the international market by this chance.

Liang said, by the direct trading form, the intermediate links would be largely reduced, and consequently the trade costs would be cut down.

Li Yuan

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