Investment in real estate sees steady growth in Chongqing

The investment in real estate of Chongqing during January and February totaled 24.757 billion yuan, increasing by 28.1% over the same period of last year, with a growth rate maintained above 20%.

Development of non-residential buildings like office buildings and stores has become a new growth pole for investment in real estate of Chongqing.

As the macro-control over investment in real estate continues, the sold area of commodity houses reached 4.65 million square meters, declining by 4.0% year on year. Among them, the sold area of residential housing was about 4.1393 million square meters, decreasing by 8.4%.

Besides, the commodity houses newly constructed in Chongqing only have an area of about 6.2893 million square meters, descending by 57%. The investment growth mainly resulted from continued projects.

Li Yuan

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