China calls for regional cooperation on nuclear security, safety

Korean Prime Minister Kim Hwang-shik gives a congratulatory speech at the opening of the one-day 2012 Seoul Nuclear Industry Summit at the Grand Inter-Continental Hotel in southern Seoul, Friday. / Yonhap

China’s nuclear industry is willing to provide assistance to neighboring countries to ensure the safe development of nuclear power in the Asian-Pacific region, said a senior Chinese nuclear official here Friday.

Addressing the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Industry Summit, Sun Qin, president of the China National Nuclear Corp.(CNNC) said nuclear security and nuclear safety have always been the top priority in China’s efforts to develop nuclear power.

Sun called for close cooperation to enhance the capabilities so that nuclear power could be used in a safe manner.

Briefing the participants on China’s efforts to implement the action items put forward at the 2010 Washington nuclear security summit, Sun noted that shortly after the outbreak of Fukushima, the Chinese government organized an inspection team to carry out thorough safety checks – similar to the stress test in Europe – on all the nuclear facilities in China.

These facilities include those in operation and under construction, covering 11 items, such as flood and earthquake resistance, prevention and mitigation of severe accidents, environment monitoring, effectiveness of the emergency system.

By 2013, the safety performance of the Chinese fleet will reach internationally recognized advance level, he said.

Sun stressed that nuclear security and safety have no boundaries, and it is essential to establish an effective communication and mutual support mechanism among nuclear industries at the global and the regional levels in particular.

China is willing to promote the safe development of nuclear power in the Asia-Pacific region by providing services to its neighbors via its nuclear security training, fuel production and storage facilities, he said.

Sun called for continued efforts to ensure that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will play a more important role in developing technical guidelines for nuclear security and nuclear safety so as to enhance levels of security and safety.

He also said efforts should be made to encourage international and regional cooperation in nuclear security and nuclear safety, to share experience in best practices, and cooperate in developing technologies and enhancing nuclear security and nuclear safety.

Sun also proposed to promote corporate culture of nuclear security and nuclear safety, strengthen nuclear security and nuclear safety management, and raise the capacity for dealing with nuclear emergencies to ensure the safety of nuclear materials and facilities.

The two-day Nuclear Industry Summit started here Friday on the sideline of the second nuclear security summit scheduled for early next week. The industry summit will offer viable recommendations to leaders of 58 nations and international organizations who will attend the summit, said the state-run Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP), the event’s organizer.


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