Chongqing and UK train scientific and technical teachers

The Research Center for Science Communication under Chongqing University entered a cooperation memorandum with China-Europe Standards Institute under Swansea University in order to push forward the scientific and technical trainings in Chongqing’s primary & secondary schools.

The relevant teachers are insufficient in the current schools of Chongqing, and some schools even have no professional teachers for the scientific and technical education. This is not good to cultivate students’ interest on science and their innovation capacity, according to Liu Hui, secretary of the Research Center for Science Communication.

Chongqing will cooperate with the English colleges and universities such as Swansea University to introduce the advanced and mature training modes of scientific and technical education. In addition, the standardized training will also be provided for teachers who teach science and technology all over Chongqing, so they can better carry out the education among the students.

The initial training will be launched in the summer vacation of 2012 with a term of approx. 15 days, according to Liu.

Zhang Wenjing

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