FM Spokesman on the Security Council’s Adoption of the Presidential Statement on Syria

Q: The UN Security Council adopted a presidential statement on Syria on March 21, voicing its support to the UN-AL Joint Special Envoy Annan. What is China’s comment?

A: The UN Security Council adopted on March 21 a presidential statement based on consensus through consultation, which welcomes the appointment of former UN Secretary-General Annan as the UN-AL Joint-Special Envoy on the Syrian crisis and supports his efforts for the political resolution of the Syrian issue.

The Security Council’s move is a positive step towards the political resolution of the Syrian issue. China’s six-point proposal has been increasingly supported and echoed by the international community. It is proven that the Security Council is able to reach consensus and speak with one voice on the Syrian issue as long as there is patient and full consultation on an equal footing.

We hope that the international community will support Special Envoy Annan’s mediation efforts and create enabling conditions for his work. China hopes that the Syrian Government and all relevant parties will cooperate and coordinate actively with Annan, halt violence immediately, show political will and launch the political dialogue as soon as possible so as to resolve the Syrian crisis through political means at an early date.

China follows closely the developments of the situation in Syria, values and supports Special Envoy Annan’s mediation for the political resolution of the Syrian issue. China will, as always, play a constructive role for the political settlement of the Syrian issue.

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