Shandong police chased 20 km to kill a wolf

At 16:40 on Mar 19th, Shandong police killed a wolf in the city of Zaozhuang.

In the previous six days, a total of seven suspected wolf wounding cases were reported in Zaozhuang and a 62-year-old woman was killed by wolf. However, police investigators can not confirm that the wolf been killed is the same wolf in previous cases.

It took over two hours for the police to kill the wolf, after chasing more than 20 km and crossing four rivers.

Bureau of Forestry: killing is not illegal

Zaozhuang City Forestry Administration official told reporters, although the wolf is provincial protected animal (at lower level of protection), as long as the wolf threat to human life and property, killing on the spot can also be understood, it does not violate relevant laws.

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