Germany led by Pastor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated the new president.

The new president of Germany Joachim Gauck officially took office. Yesterday he spent the first working day in the Berlin residence. The swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for Friday. Meanwhile, Gauck accepts congratulations from foreign colleagues.

For the first time in the history of presidential elections in the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by Pastor Joachim Gauck, a single non-partisan candidate. He won the first round, got 991 votes, accounting more than 80% of the total 1228 electors.

The comments in Berlin political circles focus on the question of how Gauck will develop relationships with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, after congratulated him, presented a bouquet of flowers and expressed the hope that he will bring new ideas and developments in the political life of the country.

It is expected that he will explain his views in the first great speech that will be delivered on Friday for swearing-in ceremony at a joint meeting of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

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