Overseas Chinese: China’s global influence keeps growing

Overseas Chinese of various countries have been paying close attention to this year’s annual NPC and CPPCC sessions. They believe that China’s influence in the global political and economic arena keeps growing.

They hope that the NPC and CPPCC sessions will make new policies to balance the country’s economic development and people’s livelihood so that China will continue maintaining steady economic and social developments. And they sincerely wish that the era of the great development and prosperity of the Chinese culture could arrive as soon as possible.

Li Xinzhu, director of the South Africa-based All-Africa China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification said that, as China’s comprehensive national strength is increasing, China’s influence in the international political and economic arena is also getting larger and larger, And China has turned into a great power that has the courage to fulfill its international duties and shoulder its international responsibilities.

In 2011, China faced various challenges, including the gloomy global economy, increasing pressure from the domestic inflation and operation problems of its small and medium-sized enterprises. However, the economic achievements made by China were still quite impressing.

Last year, China maintained a steady and relatively rapid national economic development and realized a good start for the “12th Five-Year Plan.” China not only has provided a strong foothold for the world to overcome the economic crisis but also offered aids and supports to other countries in difficulty and strengthened the world confidence. Li said that his year’s NPC and CPPCC sessions will make new policies for the economic development balance and people’s livelihood so that China will continue maintaining steady economic and social developments.

The director of the Chinese Business Chamber of Tanzania Zhu Jinfeng believes that, in 2011, China’s economy kept developing towards the goal of China’s macroeconomic control policy, its overall situation is great and China’s international influence kept growing.

They, as overseas Chinese, are very proud of the great achievements made by China in its reform and opening-up. No matter how long they stay abroad, they always remember their motherland because their motherland is their home. While China is growing stronger, China should also pay more attention to overseas Chinese’s interests and safety. Zhu hopes that the NPC and CPPCC sessions could pay attention to the issue of protecting the legal rights and interests of overseas Chinese.

With the continually expanding of the Chinese nationals and their overseas activity scopes of “go global” enterprises, the increasing of the people, their overseas assets, and security risks, as well as more complexity of the environment, there has been an increase in consular protection cases involving Chinese nationals and businesses. Han Jun, president of Kenya Federation of Overseas Chinese and Kenya-China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification, said that he hopes the Chinese government will take effective measures to strengthen consular protection.

At present, the process of world economic recovery is difficult and arduous. The international financial crisis is still developing, and the sovereign debt crisis in some countries is difficult to alleviate in a short term. China’s economic and social development still faces many difficulties and serious challenges, but it is known by overseas patriots that a series of counter-measures have been taken by the Chinese Government which have made positive results.

Han hopes that the representatives and committee members would pool their wisdoms, offer pragmatic policies, make overall planning and all-round consideration for people’s interests and fully express their aspirations to improve their livelihood in the two sessions, so that the “people-oriented” philosophy will come out with more fruits, which will make the actual growth of the income of urban and rural residents keep pace with the economic growth, and promote social harmony and stability.

China’s rapid economic growth amid global financial crisis since 2008 should be attributed to China’s reform and opening up, said Zhu Haian, president of Belgium-China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification As an overseas Chinese, he has lived in Europe for more than 30 years, but he still feels the never-ending changes and improvement brought by China’s reform and opening to the outside world. China has shown a positive and responsible attitude in response to the international financial crisis, especially in dealing with the sovereign debt crisis of the euro zone countries.

With the continuing economic globalization, China has implemented proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, consistently pursued a win-win strategy of opening up, and focused on mutually beneficial cooperation and common development in foreign economic exchanges. China’s economic development is one of the important engines of the world’s economic recovery and development.

Zhu said that he is looking forward to bringing the Chinese culture to a great height of development in overseas. The Confucius Institute, as an important carrier, spreads the Chinese civilization and history worldwide. It also promotes the continuous progress of human civilizations through mutual exchanges and learns from the other civilizations. He also expects an early arrival of the era with greater development and prosperity of the Chinese culture.

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