China plans to launch 100 satellites by 2015

Launch 100 rockets, and send 100 satellites into space during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011 – 2015), such a task has been put in front of China’s space industry.

“On average, China will carry out 20 launches per year in the period before 2015,” – said the deputy director general of the China Space Technology Group Zhang Jianhen (张建恒). “The frequency of the planned launch and flight testing of the space program poses unprecedented challenges to our country”, said Mr. Zhang, one of the leaders of the country’s space industry and member of National People’s Congress .

In 2011 China had launched 19 space vehicles of the “Long March” (长征) series, sending into orbit 19 satellites, a target aircraft and a spaceship (Russia and the United States carried out 36 and 18 space launches respectively).

This year, China plans to make 21 launches and send 30 satellites into orbit, including manned spacecraft Shenzhou-9, which will dock with the Chinese space station Tiangong-1 in June-August.

In addition, in 2012, six satellites for the Chinese navigation system “Beidou” are scheduled to be launched. The Beidou navigation system has started since last year on a pilot basis to provide services in China and Asia, said Mr. Zhang on the sidelines of parliament session.

Total revenue of the China Space Technology from the economic activity in 2011 exceeded 100 billion yuan (15.87 billion dollars), total assets exceeded 200 billion yuan for the first time, the revenue growth is expected to reach 20% annually and reach 250 billion yuan in 2015.

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