Chongqing tops China’s forest coverage growth

Chongqing accumulatively planted 5,108,000 mu of 342 million various plantlets for “Green Chongqing” in 2011 and the forest coverage rate soaring up to 39% increased by 2% on a year-on-year basis under the great investment support of 14.57 billion yuan according to Chongqing Forestry Bureau on March 7. It is predicted to invest 10 billion yuan and surpass the forest rate goal of 40%.

At present, Chongqing has ranked among the cities with maximum and most varieties of trees.

Besides the above, Chongqing forestry achieved a gross output value of 30 billion yuan in 2011 increased by 20% compared with that in 2010. Meanwhile, Chongqing witnessed another 4 million mu under-forest economy, 420,000 families increase their revenue by tens of thousands of yuan through forest cultivation and the farmers boast an income per capita of 600 yuan from forestry.

Zhang Wenjing

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