Huang Qifan: Opening policy prompts shaping of inland port highland

Huang Qifan, deputy of the 11th National People’s Congress and Chongqing mayor, was invited by CCTV on March 6 to discuss the reform and development in Chongqing.

Huang points out that Chongqing has 17-18 economic indexes ranking first in the nation in 2011, three of which are highlighted by Chongqing.

Huang also thinks that the index signifies the formation of inland port highland of China. The opening policy in Liangjiang New Area introduces the system applied in the coastal area and Pudong New Area to Chongqing and receives a great success, which turns Chongqing into a hub of import and export not only for local goods, but also its surrounding areas.

As Huang believes this port highland will last once it takes shape.

Zhang Yingling

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