Liangjiang Group impels “Hundred-Day Battle” projects

Liangjiang Group launched the kick-off meeting for the low-income housing & key project under “Hundred-Day Battle” in order to propel the construction process and ensure the practical effects in spring of 2012. In this meeting, the attendants thoroughly discussed the crucial construction programs of the two “Hundred-Day Battle” projects including the low-income housing & key project and identified next steps.

After negotiation and discussion, the attendants make consensus on the following 6 steps:

Firstly, to determine the target and to shape the plan.

Secondly, to identify the obligations and the relevant responsible parties.

Thirdly, to search for problems and to highlight the key points.

Fourthly, to strengthen the inspection and to standardize management.

Fifthly, to improve the solutions and to fulfill the rewards and punishments.

Finally, to fulfill power and to improve supports.

Zhang Wenjing

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