Local spring drought in Chongqing

The precipitation in counties and districts like Qijiang, Nanchuan and Fengdu has reduced since 2011. Various degrees of droughts happen, causing difficulties in water usage and spring ploughing and sowing.

Totally 16 counties and districts have droughts according to the statistics up to February 27, 2012. About 534,300 mu crops are affected; and drinking water problems happen to 191,900 people and 86,500 live-stocks, respectively increasing by 92,100 people and 37,700 live-stocks compared with those at the beginning of February. The drought mainly appears in areas with low precipitation, such as Qijiang, Fengdu, Nanchuan, Fuling, etc.

At present, there are 967,300 mu paddy fields lacking of water and 644,100 mu arid fields lacking of moisture. Chongqing Prevention Office has organized 3 work teams recently, to make inspection on the drought status and give guidance in areas with severe drought.

Deng Jun

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