Policies made for foreigners’ joining social insurance in China

The policies, processes and standards have been worked out for foreign workers joining China’s social security system, said China’s vice minister of human resources and social security Hu Xiaoyi Wednesday.

Hu said at a press conference that foreign workers joining China’s social insurance is a clear provision in the Law on Social Insurance introduced last July, and now the ministry and local governments are promoting the work in an active and steady manner.

Hu added that a major issue is to negotiate with other countries and regions on bilateral social insurance agreements, and a total of 15 rounds of negotiations with seven countries have been arranged this year.

Hu said the ministry has issued more than 200,000 work permits to foreigners, but the number of foreigners who have signed up to the social security system in China was still being counted.

The social insurance scheme that took effect Oct. 15 last year allows foreigners with work permits in China to receive retirement, unemployment, medical, work injury, and maternity benefits — the same as those for Chinese citizens.

“With the legal basis and the coordinations between China and other countries, the work will be advanced smoothly,” added Hu.


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