Micro Film “Soul Station” Officially Online

The most expensive “micro film” made in China to date, “Soul Station” (灵魂中转站), was officially launched online on March 1 in Beijing.

A news conference was held for “Soul Station” yesterday afternoon, attended by director Wei Min and the micro film’s leading actors Jin Ming, Bao Chunlai and Lee Wei. Famous screenwriter Ning Caishen presented himself as the film’s executive director.

As a public welfare short film, it centers on good and evil, and the concept reincarnation, telling the tale of a young drunk driver who is taken to the soul station to face justice after causing a car crash.

With a budget of 1 million yuan, “Soul Station” boasts a strong creative team, including the post-production team for “The Flowers of War”, making it highly competitive in terms of visual effects compared to productions made for the silver screens.

Micro films gained in popularity following the release and success of “Old Boy” filmed in 2010. These films are normally released online; short in length but rich in content.

Liu Shuai

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