Chongqing develops with strong economic competitiveness

Chongqing had climbed 6 places in China’s provincial economic competitiveness ranking with a No.1 growth rate during the 11th Five-year Plan, according to a blue book released by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on February 29, 2012.

The blue book has altogether 210 indexes which are all from the state released statistics, including 9 fields, such as macroeconomic competitiveness, industrial competitiveness, sustainable development competitiveness, fiscal and financial competitiveness, etc.

The blue book says that the overall economic competitiveness of Chongqing mounted to the “middle reaches area” with a growth rate ranking first nationwide, followed by Anhui (4 places up), Jiangsu and Jiangxi (all 3 places up), Inner Mongolia, Hubei and Hainan (all 2 places up).

Deng Jun

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