Russia, China and Cuba voted against the UNHRC resolution on Syria

Russia, China and Cuba voted against the resolution of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) calling for immediate cessation of violence against the civilian population of Syria and to grant access for humanitarian organizations in the country.

According to the report, 37 countries voted on Thursday in Geneva for the proposed resolution, four delegations participated in the voting, including the Syrian delegation which left in protest of the debate on Tuesday.

As pointed out earlier by Faysal Khabbaz Hamoui, the representative of Syria in Geneva at the UN headquarters, the Syrian delegation does not recognize the legitimacy of this session of the HRC and does not recognize it “unfriendly” resolution, if adopted.

Three countries abstained – Ecuador, India and the Philippines.

The UNHRC resolution condemned “more and more serious violations of human rights” in Syria and calls on the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to allow “unfettered access” of UN and humanitarian organizations representatives to the country.

As noted earlier, most participants in the debate sharply criticized the authorities in Syria. UN High Commissioner Navi Pillay, in his speech on Tuesday again urged the Syrian leadership to immediately stop the action against the opposition and said that the authorities committed crimes against humanity should be the subject of consideration by the International Criminal Court.

As Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Gennady Gatilov stated on Tuesday, the Syrian government and armed groups should immediately take steps to prevent the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the country. The Russian diplomat said that the participation of the Russian Federation was able to convince Syrian authorities to cooperate with international organizations, while the desire to interact with the militants is not observed.

Gatilov also stressed that “the desire to impose democracy by force leads to opposite results,” and that the main thing today – do not allow full-scale civil war, which will complicate the situation in the region.

In Syria, anti-government protests did not stop from the middle of March 2011. Reports of deaths include both civilians and uniformed personnel. According to UN figures, the total number of victims exceeded 7.5 thousand. Syrian officials have said that clashes with the armed opposition has killed more than two thousand soldiers and police officers against well-armed rebels and deserters.

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