Bear bile extraction: abuse of bears in China

In China, thousands of bears are kept on farms where people pick bear bile from them everyday. Recently, the association of animal rights, Animals Asia published a report and a video denouncing the poor condition of bears kept on farms in China. This video shows the suffering of bears and evidence of infections these bears suffered from the bear bile extraction.

The report of Animals Asia is part of a series of initiatives to denounce the trade of bear bile in China. Recall that in China, bear bile is attributed to the substance of many therapeutic benefits, and it is trading at premium prices. It would be able to dissolve kidney stones / gallstones and regulate cholesterol.

In China, at least 7,000 bears are kept on farms. Locked in small cages, they perforate the stomach through a catheter or fistula that connects to their gallbladder. While bears are aware, people take two to three times per day of bile from these bears. Guizhentang, a Chinese company producing bear bile products, has planed for going public in order to expand its production. The company soon became the target of activists who fight against the trade of “precious substance”. The petition has already been sent to China Securities Regulatory Commission.

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