Vicky Zhao Officially Announces her Directorial Debut Work

Zhao will adapt the best-seller novel to the big screen.

Vicky Zhao officially announced in Beijing that she will start shooting her directorial debut next month at a press conference on February 27.

Zhao will make her directorial debut by adapting the best-seller novel “To Our Youth that is Fading Away” to the big screen.

The new director was accompanied by producer Stanley Kwan, screenwriter Li Qiang and the original novel’s Xin Yiwu at the event. Zhao also divulged that actor Mark Chao will play one of the leading men in her movie.

Zhao said the movie will discuss youth and love, how a girl is torn between two men and finds the true meaning of love.

After finishing this movie, Zhao will return to her performing career and partner in a new project with Stanley Kwan.

Chen Nan
Chinese Films

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