China supports all efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis

China supports all efforts to peacefully and appropriately resolve the Syrian crisis, announced Monday a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“China has always called the Syrian government and all concerned parties to immediately cease all violence and to begin a political process without preconditions to resolve the Syrian crisis,” said Hong Lei, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, at a regular press conference.

According to Mr. Hong, China maintains that the international community should fully respect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, and the choice of the Syrian people.

“We support calls for Arab countries to immediately cease violence, to avoid military intervention, adequately protect civilians in Syria and humanitarian assistance,” said the spokesman, hoping that the Syrian crisis can be resolved by political dialogue in the framework of the Arab League.

China hopes the referendum on the new draft constitution will help to advance the reform and start a political dialogue in Syria, said M.Hong. The Syrians went to the polls Sunday to decide on the new draft constitution, while the Syrian authorities are working under increasing international pressure to reform and to end the crisis.

“We hope all parties concerned in Syria will deploy the necessary efforts to ease tensions as soon as possible,” added the spokesman.

In response to a question about criticism of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the positions of China and Russia on the Syrian issue, Mr. Hong said that China “can not accept it at all” , adding that China has always maintained a fair and impartial position.

“The position of China on the Syrian issue is based on the desire to safeguard peace and stability of Syria and the Middle East, the fundamental interests and long-term of the Syrian people and peoples of other Arab countries “added the spokesman.

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