A China-Europe business center to be built in France by 2014

A China-Europe business center will be built in Moselle by 2014, announced Monday President of the General Council of Moselle, Patrick Weitten. Three thousand jobs will be created in partnership with European companies.

Financed without public subsidies, amounting to 150 million euros by the SICAR – a venture capital company from Luxembourg, the center will cover 130 hectares once fully developed, said Mr. Weitten in Metz, near Thionville where the future site will be located.

The business center is designed for European professionals – German, Dutch, Italian, Austrian – seeking to export to China and / or build partnerships with Chinese investors to export to third countries, said Frederick Bassett, president of the Comex Holdings, an international investment fund in China.

The construction of two hundred and thirty thousand square meters of the center should begin in the fall to give companies the necessary infrastructure for their marketing and financial management, administrative and accounting, as well as their after sales service.

According to the General Council of Moselle, which maintains a permanent representative office in Beijing since 2008, talks with Ubifrance, public body responsible for assisting French companies to export, led to “a strong commitment to support French companies”.

The French agency for international investment was also associated with the project.

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