China accuses the United States and Europe of “hegemonic ambitions” in Syria

China on Saturday accused the United States and Europe of “hegemonic ambitions” in Syria, following the international conference of “Friends of Syria” in Tunis, where the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly condemned the attitude of Beijing and Moscow.

Clinton said the decision by China and Russia was “despicable” to veto resolutions of the the UN Security Council condemning repression in Syria. “They are clearly not on the side of the Syrian people,” said the Head of American diplomacy.

The official Xinhua news agency responded Saturday by arguing that Beijing’s position on Syria was balanced. China and Russia boycotted the conference in Tunis, to avoid military intervention in Syria.

“Most Arab countries have begun to understand that the United States and Europe conceal a dagger behind a smile. In other words, while they appear to act on humanitarian grounds, they actually feed hegemonic ambitions.” said Xinhua.