Chongqing sees 15.99 mln tourists from home and abroad in Jan.

Chongqing tourism won its first battle in January 2012. Overnight visitors in Chongqing totaled 5.0001 million, increasing by 40.94% year on year, and the number of domestic and foreign tourists was 15.9931 million, up 45.58% year on year.

In January, the foreign exchange income from tourism was 36.93 million U.S. dollars, increasing by 45.57% year on year. Besides, the domestic tourism income rose to 8.518 billion yuan, up 46.18% year on year.

According to Chongqing Tourism Administration, all the indicators of Chongqing tourism economy increased rapidly, indicating that the tourism image of Chongqing is gradually accepted home and abroad and the market becomes more and more mature.

Fu Qian

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