Troops in Fujian and Jiangxi have access to equipment maintenance network of Nanjing MAC

In early February 2012, a drill of information-based joint operation of the three services was kicked off in eastern China’s Fujian province. During the drill, the joint maintenance elements of a communication equipment and technology detachment under the Nanjing Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) swiftly repaired 7 batches of various types of transceivers for the troop units of multiple services and arms participating in the drill.

In the drill field, Wang Wanxing, commander of the detachment, said that in combination with the annual exercises and maintenance tours, the detachment integrates maintenance units at the group army, division, regiment and battalion levels into the support system of the detachment and goes deep to army command posts, naval vessels and air force communication centers to troubleshoot various communication equipment problems. All of these efforts have improved the emergency support efficiency, lowered maintenance costs and ensured the smooth communication and command between the three services.

Since the launching of the joint maintenance model of the three services, the detachment has integrated support resources based on the integrated regional support platform in a scientific way, accomplished maintenance tasks for more than 120 types of new equipment, and participated in the support work for over 10 major exercises. The detachment has cultivated more than 100 backbones of information-based equipment maintenance for the troop units, which has greatly boosted the capability of communication equipment maintenance of the three services within its support area.

By Ni Minzhi and Hu Chunlei

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