Chinese court denied Apple’s right to brand “iPad”

The Court of Huizhou city (Guangdong Province) ruled that a local company Proview Technology owned the trademark “iPad”, and ordered the local retailers to stop selling the iPad tablet manufactured by Apple.

At the same time, the Associated Press emphasizes that the Huizhou court’s decision is unlikely to have noticeable effects. The lawsuit on who is the true owner of the brand “iPad” in China, is pending in the court of Shanghai.

Representatives of the Proview emphasize that the company owns the rights to the trademark “iPad”, recorded back in 2000. After six years, Apple had a front company bought the rights to use the mark iPad, however, in 2011 Proview asked the court to identify the illegal transaction.

It should also be noted that representatives of the plaintiff’s stated willingness to negotiate.

Meanwhile, against a background of litigation between Apple and Proview, iPad tablets disappear from the online market and offline stores.

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