China is studying the invitation to meeting of “friends of Syria”

The Chinese authorities are studying the invitation to the meeting of so-called “Friends of Syria”, created with support from the West and the Arab League in order to stabilize the situation in Syria. This was announced by Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei. The meeting will take place on February 24th 2012. in the capital of Tunisia.

“China is studying the size and other parameters of this group,” – said Hong Lei.

The Russian authorities have refused the invitation to attend the conference, as the representatives of current authorities in Syria was not invited. Moscow’s official position on this matter was announced by the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich: “According to incoming reports, representatives of Syrian Government are not invited to the conference. This means that the interests of a large segment of Syria’s population, which supports the authorities will not be calculated. In this case, the meeting will do little to find the way to overcome the internal crisis.”

On the contrary, he said, it seems that we are talking about coming together to form a kind of international coalition, as was the case with the creation of a “contact group of Libya,” in order to support one side against another in an internal conflict.

At the same time A.Lukashevich noted that there are serious questions about the outcome of the meeting. According to reports, a narrow group of countries is already working on the meeting without the knowledge of other guests who were asked to simply play the role of “rubber-stamp”.

16 February 2012. The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) overwhelmingly approved a non-binding draft resolution on Syria which supports peace initiatives of the Arab League, and calling on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resign. As the result of voting for the resolution, 137 in favor, 12 voted against, including Russia and China, abstained – 17.

4 February 2012. UN Security Council held a vote on the draft resolution on Syria, made by the Delegation of Morocco, together with a number of Western and Arab countries. Russia and China voted “no” by using veto power, as the result, the resolution was not adopted.

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