China accuses the West of fomenting civil war in Syria

Renmin Ribao, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, has accused Western countries of inciting civil war in Syria.

In its editorial the newspaper writes that Western support for the Syrian opposition could lead to “full-scale civil war”.

In this case, foreign intervention will be inevitable, adds the newspaper.

Foreign Minister Zhai Jun met in Damascus with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and supported his plan for a referendum on a new constitution in Syria.

Zhai Jun, also urged both sides to immediately end the violence.

Opposition calls for a boycott of the referendum, as in its opinion, the vote can not take place when the country’s violence continues.

On Sunday, British Foreign Secretary William Hague told the BBCthat the ability of the international community to help Syria and prevent the onset of civil war are limited because of the veto by Russia and China on the draft resolution of UN Security Council.

Protests against the current government began in Syria almost a year ago.

Human rights activists believe that during this time the government forces killed more than seven thousand people. The government in Damascus, says that the rebels were guilty of the death of at least two thousand members of the security force of the country.

Meanwhile, one of the opposition activists called for the evacuation of women and children from the area of ​​Bab Amr in the city of Homs, which has been exposed to artillery fire of the Syria army for several days.

According to the opposition, the government forces intensify the siege of Homs, Hadi Abdullah told AFP that residents of this area are in “deplorable conditions, and are awaiting death.”

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