Chongqing and L.A. sign bilateral investment projects

Chongqing-Los Angeles Economic & Trade Cooperation Talkfest and Signing Ceremony was held on February 16 Pacific Time. The two parties signed bilateral investment projects with the total amount of USD 1.39 billion, related to the cooperation in the fields of clean energy, information technology and service outsourcing etc.

Chongqing and L.A. will strengthen the cooperation in the fields of smart grid, large-scale wind power development, energy development and utilization of natural gas etc. and establish a model platform of future energy technology. Furthermore, the two parties will also jointly establish a modern service cooperation park, and propose to set up “Sino-US Industrial Model Park and L.A. Model Park of Cultural and Creative Industry” and further launch an industrial base of scientific and technological industry with American enterprises dominant. In addition, a cultural homeland will also be jointly established for the Americans in central and west China.

Zhang Wenjing

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