China reiterated its support for the mediation of the Arab League in the Syrian crisis

The Deputy Foreign Minister of China and special envoy to Syria, Zhai Jun, on Saturday reaffirmed China’s support to the mediation of the Arab League to reach a “political solution” for the situation in Syria.

In a statement issued Saturday by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhai, special envoy to Syria claims that “China supports all efforts of the Arab League’s mediation to achieve a peaceful solution for the Syrian crisis. China calls on relevant parties to step up communication and negotiations, to find an appropriate peaceful solution for the crisis in Syria.”

Zhai Saturday asked all parties involved in the Syrian conflict to “put an immediate end to the violence” in the country, but has reaffirmed China’s support for the promises made by Syrian President Bashar Assad to hold a constitutional referendum and democratic elections in the country.

“The position of China is asking all parties, the Government, opposition and rebels to immediately halt the violence,” stated Zhai in a statement made after a meeting with President Assad.

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