Greater China market boosted Ferrari

The manufacturer Ferrari has beaten all records last year with 7,195 cars sold. 2.251 billion euros in turnover, net profit of 209 million euros and Greater China (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) market has increased by 62%.

Ferrari has done well. The famous Italian manufacturer of high performance car on Friday announced “record” sales in 2011 with an increase of its turnover from 17.3% to 2.251 billion euros and 7,195 cars sold, up 9.5% . Net income for the Maranello firm totaled 209 million euros. Ferrari had sold, in 2010, 6,573 cars with a turnover of 1.92 billion euros.

The Boom in China

“We can only be satisfied with these results. They were achieved despite an economic environment that remains challenging, especially in Europe”, welcomed the boss of Ferrari, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. The sales for the Italian manufacturer, controlled by Fiat, jumped on every continent with an increase of 62.6% to 777 cars in Greater China, which includes China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including 500 sold in Mainland China. A few months ago, the China market has become “the second largest for Ferrari,” says the manufacturer. The U.S. market has seen the increase of 8% to 1,958 cars, while shipments to the Middle East grew 22% to nearly 450 vehicles. Several European countries have also achieved very good results, including Britain (23%), Germany (+14.6%) and Switzerland (+3.2%).

New Models

“We have a full range of models which will be joined by a few days at Geneva, with a new 12-cylinder, a revolutionary new car that offers extreme performance and unprecedented power,” said the boss. The carmaker Fiat has announced for its part on February 1, a net profit of 1.7 billion euros through the integration of Chrysler which Fiat took control in June.

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