The Somalia Truth: China’s first war documentary to be Released

Directed by Lv Jianmin, China’s first war documentary movie “The Somalia Truth” is the first time for Chinese filmmakers to make a war documentary about a foreign country.

The movie is set to hit national screens on March 9th. The promotional trailer was screened in the run up to its release.

On the poster, a local woman is featured bearing a gun, a sentence written above her stating “To Kill for Peace.”

According the movie’s producer, the production team worked in the midst of Somalian gunfights for 33 days.

Explaining why they risked their lives, the producer said, “We hope the local issues can raise world concerns. By making this movie, we want people to know the terrible things that happened in the region. They need help.”

Material deprivation has caused social turbulence in the country, including an increase of pirates and terrorists. The movie revolves around one sensitive topic – pirates and it discusses them within a framework of humanity and justice.

In the trailer, a pirate, who was under arrest, screams at the camera, “We are not pirates, we are heroes!”

Chen Nan
Chinese Films

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