China begins to remove the iPad from sale in several provinces

The authorities of four provinces in China have begun to remove the Apple iPad tablet from store shelves in their jurisdictions, two months after the Chinese courts granted a local firm the right to use the trademark.

Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei and Hunan are the provinces where authorities have begun to remove iPads from the shops at the request of the firm Proview Technology (唯冠), to which Chinese courts granted the exclusive right to use the trademark in December.

“We will continue fighting against Apple who breached the trademark law,” said Xiao Caiyuan, the lawyer representing the firm based in Shenzhen (the city where exactly most of the iPads are manufactured ).

The removal, however, has not been completed, some stores in the aforementioned provinces still offer these tablet computers, while other stores have chosen to temporarily stop selling them.

Also, the official Apple stores in China (two in Beijing and Shanghai) continue to sell this product which has become extremely popular among Chinese consumers, to the extent that each release of new versions is accompanied by chaos in stores.

In 2009, Apple acquired rights from Proview to use the trademark “iPad” by just 35,000 pounds (about $ 54,600, or 40,000 euros), but the brand in Hong Kong retained the use of the mark for commercial purposes in China, the company filed the suit against Apple recently.

The removal of iPad in these provinces coincides with the labor inspection, led by Apple, on the working conditions of Chinese factories that supply the tablet.

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