Chongqing Airport sees over 60,000 cross-border passengers

Chongqing Customs District released on February 13 that Chongqing Airport won its first battle in January, 2012. The number of inbound and outbound personnel reached 61,188, creating a new monthly high; the number of inbound and outbound flights was 1,024, respectively increasing by 125.28% and 54.92% year on year.

“The steady increase of passengers on tradditional routs, the rapid growth of people travelling on newly-opened routes and the popular outbound travel are main reasons,” according to chief of Customs Inspection Department of Chongqing Airport Group Co., Ltd. As the degree of opening up in Chongqing is deepening, foreign investment develops rapidly. It promote business communication to become more and more frequent, and the passenger flow of traditional routes is stable as well.

The routes from Chongqing to Maldives and Doha opened in late 2011 are very attractive. The two air lines have had accumulative flights of 28, transporting nearly 6,000 people. Besides, the outbound travel is also popular. In January, 2012, 61 flights from Chongqing to Phuket Island, Thailand are supervised by Chongqing Customs District, with 9,495 passengers inspected and approved, up 180% year on year.

Fu Qian

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