China supports mediation efforts of Arab League in Syria

China has expressed support to the mediation efforts of the Arab League in Syria without specifically commenting on sending peacekeepers advocated by the organization in Cairo.

The Arab League passed a resolution Sunday calling on the UN to send the UN and Arab countries’ joint peacekeeping force to Syria, which continues repression against the opposition to President Bashar al Assad.

“The UN should offer constructive assistance”

This call increases pressure on Russia and China, permanent members of the Security Council. Their veto of a resolution calling for Assad to give up his powers has been criticized by Arab and Western countries.

Asked about the resolution of the Arab League, the spokesman of Chinese Foreign Ministry, Liu Weimin, said nothing about the joint peacekeeping force.

“China supports the ongoing efforts of political mediation of the Arab League, which plays an active and constructive role in seeking a peaceful settlement of the Syrian issue,” he said. “We believe that the UN should offer constructive assistance on the basis of the UN Charter and norms of international relations,” said Liu Weimin.

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