Chinese peacekeeping engineers to South Sudan start engineering support

On February 9, 2012, local time, 33 officers and men of the first Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to the Republic of South Sudan went to Kovajok with 19 vehicles and equipment to construct the foundation and protection facilities of the new headquarters of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan in Warrap State. It marked that the detachment would perform engineering support tasks at three working places at the same time.

At 13:40, after five hours’ ride in motor-driven vehicles, the engineer team successfully arrived at the United Nations Command (UNC) in Warrap State.

It is learned that the team will complete the task in this month. Afterwards, it will move on to Gok Marzak and Bolo Martina to carry out the ground-hardening task of two 300-meter-by-300-meter parking aprons.

By Xia Along and Guo Mingjie

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