Navy submarines conduct actual-troop confrontation drill

In early February of 2012, submarines of a submarine flotilla of the North China Sea Fleet under the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) braved snow and directly sailed to unknown sea area from the naval port for intensive confrontation drill.

It is reported that this year the flotilla will focus on accelerating the transformation of combat power generating mode and innovating training patterns so as to speed up its combat power generation.

To this end, on the basis of previous professional competitions and operational method training such as navigation and torpedo attack, the flotilla intentionally coordinated surface warship troop units to launch attacking-defending confrontation in this drill. In order to test and uplift the troops’ combat power, they set up such emergency scenarios as electronic interference, air raid by anti-submarine aircraft and breakage of submarines, in a bid to increase the confrontation difficulty and temper the emergency-handling capability of commanders and operators.

Meanwhile, the participating submarines conducted submarine-anti-submarine confrontation exercise as adversaries.

By Lv Yongzheng

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