Chongqing’s tourism added value hits 50.1 bln yuan in 2011

Chongqing Statistics Bureau revealed that Chongqing’s construction industry kept growing stably and fast in 2011. There were 2,459 enterprises of construction general contracting and special contracting in Chongqing in 2011, contracting a total sum of 563.71 billion yuan, 26.1% higher than that of 2010, with the total output value of 332.019 billion yuan, up 31.0%.

In 2011, an initial estimate of the additional value of the construction industry is 85.234 billion yuan, 28.9% higher than that of 2010.

The general and special contracting enterprises competed with rivals fiercely and spared no effort to expand the construction markets to other provinces in 2011, completing the output value of 58.947 billion yuan outside Chongqing, increasing by 18.8% and taking up 17.89% of the total output value.

Zhang Yingling

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