Chongqing has complete banking types in central and west China

As many banking facilities started operation in Chongqing in 2011, such as China Zheshang Bank, Sino-German Bausparkasse, Australia & New Zealand Banking and some rural financial institutions, Chongqing has become the region with most complete types of banking institutions in central and west China according to Chongqing Municipal Banking Regulatory Commission.

Chongqing boasts 72 banks in total, among which 15 legal entities and financial branches started business in 2011 in addition to 6 banks approved under preparation. The continuous introduction of off-Chongqing financial institutions has made active contributions to maintain the high loan-to-deposit ratio in Chongqing. Moreover, the non-local legal entities realize the contribution share accounting for 83% of Chongqing’s newly-gained loan in 2011.

Zhang Wenjing

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