Chongqing’s industry develops well in 2011

Chongqing Statistics Bureau on February 9, 2012 released that Chongqing industrial economy developed well in 2011, with the highest increase speed of above-scale industrial added value nationwide and sustainable enhancement of the coordination of industrial economy speed and benefit.

In 2011, the main business revenue of above-scale industrial enterprises reached 1.156607 trillion yuan, exceeding 1 trillion yuan for the first time, and increased by 34.3% year on year. And the gross profit added up to 55.842 billion yuan, up 28.1% and 2.7 percentage points higher than the national level.

From the industry perspective, more than 70% of the 38 categories have increased profit, and 12 industries realize a gross profit of more than 1 billion yuan. And from the perspective of enterprise, there are 89 enterprises realize over 100 million yuan profit in 2011.

Deng Jun

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