133 more water conservancy projects for Chongqing

Chongqing Water Conservancy Investment Group Co.,LTD on February 9, 2012 released that a total of 34.2 billion yuan investment will be put into 133 water source projects, water supply and sewage infrastructure and power generation projects in counties and districts of Chongqing, during the “12th Five-year Plan”, to solve drinking and domestic water difficulties for local residents.

Chongqing Water Conservancy Investment Group indicated that when the 133 water conservancy projects are all completed, the water supplied by reservoirs in Chongqing will increase by 1.9 billion cubic meters per year, the urban water supply capability will increase by 990,000 cubic meters per day, and the sewage processing capability will grow by 240,000 cubic meters per day. In addition, the Group also plans to accomplish 4.2 billion yuan investment in water conservancy and start 13 medium-sized hydraulic projects in Nanchuan’s Jinfo Mountains and Rongchang’s Huangjiaotan and 8 water supply and sewage projects including Xipeng Sewage Treatment Plant.

Deng Jun

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