SIP Claims the Greatest Number of National Hi-Tech Enterprises in Jiangsu Province

Suzhou Industrial Park Science & Technology Bureau helped 123 local companies apply for the title of National Hi-Tech Enterprises in 2011 and 105 of them got the recognition, raising the total number to 339 and ranking SIP the very top among the development zones of Jiangsu Province.

Among the 4,500 National Hi-Tech Enterprises in Jiangsu Province, 1,300 (32.4%) are in Suzhou and SIP accounts for 7.08% of the provincial total and 25.62% of the municipal total.

Sci-Edu Innovation Park gathers 119 and 33.1% of these businesses with high technological content and leads in SIP. Among the 339 companies, 152 and 42.2% are engaged in e-information and 216 and 60% are domestic investment. Software and IC sectors grow the fastest, with 88 in total and registering an annual growth of 38 enterprises in the last two years.

In 2011, SIP’s hi-tech industrial output amounted to 246.149 billion yuan and contributed 59.4% of the total large-scale industrial output value, and its rising sectors produced 202.069 billion yuan and accounted for 53.4% of large-scale industrial output, making SIP the leader in both fields in Suzhou.

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